Rusland chemische wapens

US imposes new sanctions on Russia for its war and use of chemical weapons against Ukraine.

New sanctions on Russia on use of chemical weapons

Placing comprehensive sanctions on more than 280 individuals and entities, the U.S. State Department introduced new measures. This is also meant to counter Russia’s continued aggression and internal repression. The new entries, announced May 1, 2024, are intended to further punish Russia for its foreign aggression and internal repression.

First, the sanctions are diverse, targeting more than 80 entities and individuals involved in the development of Russia’s future energy, metal, and mining production and export capabilities. Moreover, they target entities involved in evading and circumventing sanctions. Just like those who help Russia fight Ukraine.

Restrictions on foreign military financing and export licenses

The State Department is concerned not only with individuals and entities, but also with broader financial and trade restrictions. These include imposing restrictions on foreign military funding. They are also focused on lines of credit from the U.S. government. Finally, also on export licenses for defense articles and national security sensitive items going to Russia. This is an important step following Russia’s use of the chemical weapon chloropicrine against Ukraine.

Focus on chemical and biological weapons programs

All in all, a significant portion of the sanctions target those involved in the chemical and biological weapons programs. The ministry imposed sanctions on three Russian government agencies. In addition, four Russian companies have also been added to deal with these programs. In addition, three individuals linked to the death of Aleksey Navalny in Russian penal colony IK-3 have been subjected.

E.O. 14024

The penalties are imposed in Executive Order (E.O.) 14024, which allows penalties for certain harmful foreign activities. The United States continues to use all tools. This is to prevent Russia from making weapons and using the international financial system to continue its conflict with Ukraine.


The recent sanctions again highlight the complexity and extensive consequences of compliance with U.S. export controls and sanctions. These sanctions can affect numerous sectors. Such as energy, metals, mining and defense, as well as various entities involved in Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

This may also impact European entities, and it is strongly recommended to comply with these new measures.

It is important to know how to handle export controls and sanctions.

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Link to fact sheet from US Department of State:

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