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Trade Controls Compliance offers our Sanction and Export Control Toolbox with services and solutions for all your trade compliance issues.

For all your compliance consulting issues and regardless of organization type, Trade Controls offers compliance services to suit your needs. We are pragmatic and believe in customization. So that you actually get the support you are looking for. From setting up your internal compliance program to implementing all necessary work processes in the area of export control classification.

If you would like more information or have a question, please feel free to contact us. Together with you, we will find the set-up. In which our export control services are deployed in a pragmatic and working manner. With this, we actually assist your organization to be in compliance.

All services are possible from interim compliance management, export control officer, trade compliance manager to compliance auditor and risk compliance manager. Our trade compliance consulting is focused on all facets of trade compliance and provide you with the services you need.

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Interim management - export control

We offer interim management in sanctions and export control compliance, providing temporary expertise to manage and improve your compliance program. We do this during transition periods or in the event you need additional expertise or tools to comply with constantly changing export control regulations. With our interim manager, you will identify and mitigate your risks in this area. Also, the manager will maintain and continue to implement your current internal compliance program (ICP). Our goal is to provide a solution when and for what you see fit, such as during a transition, replacement, expansion or in preparation for hiring a permanent employee. Of course, we also provide transfer and offer training to your future professional (in-house training).


Export Controls Officer - Trade Compliance Manager

We provide Export Controls Officers and Trade Compliance managers to support your sanctions and export control policies. By which we mean advising on your policies, identifying risks and conducting a risk analysis. We help you by developing procedures and establishing a customized internal compliance program (ICP) that meets government requirements. The Export Controls Officer supports you in determining the appropriate export control classification of your products (ECCN, dual-use, military), assessing the impact of sanctions programs on your operations and applying for the necessary licenses. Of course, this is reinforced through a customized training program within your company. For all components, we can use the solutions from our toolbox. If desired, the position can be expanded to Trade Compliance management. In doing so, we also provide support on customs, supply chain security and other relevant legal compliance issues.

export controle audits

Auditor - Risk Manager

An audit by both an external and internal party can be crucial in assessing your company's compliance with laws and regulations. This applies without prejudice to your trade compliance program. By addressing deficiencies, you can reduce risk and improve the effectiveness of your operations. We offer sanctions and export control auditors who can conduct an audit on your behalf or with you. This ensures that your company complies with applicable laws and regulations, and we ensure that the content and depth of the audit gets to the essence of your implementation. We also provide support to your risk management programs, with various tools available. We work with you to ensure that your trade compliance risk management is properly integrated and implemented in your organization, including support for resilience programs and impact analyses to mitigate future risks (e.g., related to China).

Legal advice

Trade Controls Compliance does not provide legal advice. We provide your company with the necessary tools to conduct business legally and to be prepared for changing market conditions.By being prepared, you can limit advice issues.

If the need arises, we have a network of contacts which enables us to put the question to the right office in consultation with you and ensure that you receive a clear and applicable answer. This too is part of our pragmatic approach.



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