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We are your sanctions and export control consultant and also offer our compliance trainings to help you comply with export controls and sanctions legislation. By this we help you identify the necessary export controls classification (the military and/or ECCN of products, software and technology) and implement a screening method with you. Also we have tools to conduct an impact analysis for applicable penalties for your destinations. All of this follows from our risk country index, which allows you to implement appropriate policies for various risks. With that, we offer you with our export control specialist advice in the field of trade compliance services and especially in the field of sanction, export controls and trade compliance.

Internal Compliance Program

Because when you want to manage and shape your policies, it is important to establish an Internal Compliance Program (ICP) that is compliant and based on best practices. The policy must be appropriate to your business. We ensure that the Interal compliance program fits seamlessly with your existing processes and procedures. In addition, we ensure that your trade compliance policy lives within your company, adding value. In short, your trade compliance policy can even give you a commercial advantage, our export control consultant will be happy to assist you.

Geopolitical developments

Trade Controls Compliance offers sanctions and export controls consulting to ensure your company is and stays in compliance, especially now with constant geopolitical changes. Awareness is key, which is why we provide a variety of customized compliance trainings, online and on-site. Moreover, these compliance trainings can be very specific in nature, fully customized to one of your projects. Thus, we ensure that your employees are aware of proper procedures and are able to recognize red flags (“red flag indicators”).

Export licenses and authorizations

Where necessary, our Export Control Officer will work with you to apply for the necessary authorizations and permits. Then we help you meet the reporting requirements. To use, authorizations often require an approved internal compliance program. With our setup, we ensure that you can respond quickly to changes, giving you a competitive advantage.

Audits & Risk Management

In addition, we can help you through risk management and audits. Because a risk analysis is important to prioritize your policies. Audits are important and we are happy to help you through our sanctions and export control expert. Because we know the known pitfalls and weaknesses of an export control policy. With our expertise, you get the added value of a customized internal audit. Together with our export control consultant, we can conduct your audits for you or help your team conduct them themselves. Therefore, it is important to get the audit to the essence of the issue.

Improve processes

Following the audit, you can start an improvement program that includes the relevant CAPAs (corrective and preventive actions). Your continuous improvement process in the area of export control is therefore important to your policy. Based on the issues identified, we can adjust your policies, tools and training. This keeps you in compliance on export control, supply chain security and all trade compliance matters.

Export controls legislation

The basis of your policy is the legislation you must be in compliance with. As a result of these requirements, we will work with you to ensure that your company complies with them, not only according to the Dutch and European governments, but also other jurisdictions such as the United States may apply. Many companies are not aware of these issues, which is a big risk for your business. Our sanction and export controls specialist looks at your specific needs and offers customized solutions. Together with our years of business experience and our knowledge of the latest regulatory developments, this provides you with a personalized approach. Which legislation is relevant and when, we will determine with you.

Supply Chain Security

It is also important to secure your entire chain. Here we mean protecting your physical transportation from cyber risks, keeping your supply chain free of fraud and crime. Like export control, this protects your reputation and also limits financial losses and ensures the safety of your customers. Then you get a benefit, because faster processing at customs and lower costs for your transport insurance. That’s why Trade Controls offers compliance training, export controls audit tools and the necessary procedures to build your supply chain security management system.

Trade compliance consultants

Whether your need arises from dual-use items classification for your portfolio, a due diligence investigation, supply chain security issues or assistance due to sanctions legislation issues regarding Russia, Trade Controls Compliance is happy to help. We are happy to offer our export control specialist with customized services to help you where needed. For the sake of future-oriented thinking, we can also conduct a scenario-based analysis with you. Then you can set up a plan to be ready for the risks of the future (think of developments regarding China). In conclusion, Trade Controls Compliance offers you the export controls consultant services appropriate to your situation.


Regardless of whether you are a start-up or a large international company, our sanctions and export control officer ensures that our services fit your needs. If you would like to know more, please contact us without obligation. We are happy to spar with you about how we can best help you. For us, a personal approach and providing pragmatic solutions are of great importance. Trade Controls Compliance ensures your policies take shape, focusing on the issues that matter to you. These policies help you grow and succeed as a business despite growing geopolitical challenges. With our export control specialist, we offer all the tools and training to be and stay in compliance.

export controls solutions

In our toolbox we have solutions for all customers in the field of sanction & export control consultant.

No matter if you are looking for assistance in setting up an internal compliance program (ICP) or need help with export control classification , denied party screening or application of sanctions legislation, we are happy to help.

We can work with our solutions or the existing ones within your company. We provide our trade controls compliance service the way you want it.

Think export control interim management, Export Controls Officer, Trade Compliance Manager or more specifically focused such as Export Control Auditor or Compliance Risk Manager.

Our solutions and services can be used within business, research institutions, education, banking and insurance and can be designed in many ways. 

Read on to discover the many options where sanction & export control specialist matter and what we can help you with.



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