Trade Compliance Client Services

Your Sanctions & Export Controls Toolbox

Trade Compliance Client Services

Sanctions and export control are essential for any company involved in international trade. This applies not only to companies exporting products to other countries, but also to providing software, technology and services. We offer export control due diligence services to support companies in this regard. We provide the services to all layers starting with export control at the management level.

Our trade compliance clients make use of our consultancy services which are aimed at assisting all companies and institutions to comply with the regulations and laws that regulate their activities.

Sanctions & Export Control Toolbox

Export control services are particularly important for companies that trade in sensitive or regulated items, such as military or dual-use goods, or have operations in countries where sanctions regimes apply. Our “Sanctions & Export Controls Toolbox” provides you with all the resources you need to implement correctly, such as our classification tools.

In addition to ensuring compliance, we can also help you manage your risks. These services provide guidance on mitigating the potential risks of doing business with specific countries or entities, such as shaping your KYC due-diligence process (screening customers and partners).

We perform sanction analysis to ensure that you do not enter into transactions with sanctioned parties or violate sanction laws.


We provide support to, among others:

  • Company owners, board of directors, supervisory board members
  • Financing and Insurance
  • Legal and/or legal compliance
  • Supply chain, procurement and operations
  • Treasury & Finance
  • Risk and/or Quality Management
  • Internal audit teams
  • Project managers

Support to business

Issues and support are mostly requested by internationally operating companies, research firms, universities, start-ups, industry associations and banking and insurance companies. We offer our export control services to all companies and/or institutions, including our trade compliance tools.

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Your Sanctions & Export Controls Toolbox

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