About Us: Meet our compliance professionals and specialists

Introduction to our compliance professionals

We began our journey in 2023, when Robert van de Ruit founded Trade Controls Compliance, a beacon of support in the complex landscape of export control and sanctions legislation. Our services are tailored to perfectly fit your needs. Meanwhile, with a team of compliance professionals and specialists. With which we focus our solutions on your export control officer, and the underlying organization, and meet your trade compliance needs. Or can you engage our Export Control Officer if you have yet to begin your compliance journey?

Our Compliance Expertise

Knowledge of regulatory compliance

In particular, we see an ever-changing world with rapidly evolving geopolitics. With the intention of being anchored in terms of support in the European export control regime and sanctions laws. This is so that European companies can get help.

To be successful, your company must understand the political and economic situation. So you need to understand export control laws in the European Union and beyond as well. Despite that, our compliance specialists provide you with a toolbox of solutions that allow you to respond quickly to changing market conditions. In short, our mission is embodied in our slogan: “Your Sanctions & Export Control Toolbox.”

Industry-specific specialties

Our service goes beyond providing tools. We specialize in providing advice on export control and sanctions legislation. Therefore, we can improve your goodwill policy. We help you with compliance disciplines such as human rights, supply chain risk management and customs matters. Thanks to the knowledge gained by our compliance specialists, we can offer you the comprehensive approach needed in the area of trade compliance.

Meet our Compliance Specialists

We have more than a decade of experience as export control officers. As a US Export Controls Specialist, Robert has gained a comprehensive understanding of compliance across business units and industries. We are a team of compliance specialists that provides pragmatic solutions so that your organization is fully understood. Our approach is that we always provide customized services. Only then can a compliance program be successful. We will help you meet your needs.

Why choose our Compliance Professionals

Navigating a complex geopolitical world can be challenging. We have a team of compliance professionals and specialists who can fully assist you in charting your course. We would love to meet you and talk about how we can help you.

Our export control department is here for you, and we will keep you updated on our latest news. When you join us, you will meet the people behind our compliance solutions and see what we can do for you in this complex world.

About us meet our compliance professionals

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions, a sparring session or an intake meeting to see how we can help you navigate this geopolitically complex world. We are happy to help you with our export control support, and please point out our news releases.

Robert van de Ruit
“Running a marathon requires perseverance, focus, and a strategy. The same applies to business – you must be willing to see the long-term, focus on your goals, and have a strategy to be successful.”

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