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Trade Controls Compliance supports you in complying with export control and sanctions laws. We offer a set of tools in the form of a sanction and export control services toolbox, this contains all the tools you need to form your policy. Thanks to the combination of different products and our various services, we can offer you a customized export control services that ensures you are in compliance and with this you have access to all our trade compliance solutions.

Depending on your issue and the level of trade compliance you have already developed, we can help. Trade Controls Compliance can start from scratch with a compliance baseline and provide you with all the building blocks you need for a robust policy that will set you up for the future. But even if you already have a policy and internal compliance program in place, we can further professionalize it with you.

Our trade compliance solutions focus on export control, sanctions policies and supply chain security solutions.

In all cases, our main objective is to pragmatically support you in establishing an in compliance program on your issue. With our export control solutions and various services, you can develop your policy from the ground up in all relevant areas in a short period of time.

Feel free to contact us for more information or an introductory call about our sanctions and export control services with a toolbox of options for your business operations.

Export Control

Export Control

Compliance Zero Measurement

Trade Controls Compliance offers support to your company on sanctions and export control policies. Starting from a baseline measurement, we help you create a policy and flesh out the various facets of a good and appropriate compliance program for your company.

Internal Compliance Program

Using an ICP based on government requirements and enriched with best practices, we support you in (further) developing your policies and associated processes and procedures.

Export control toolbox

We further shape your policy through the implementation of tools such as due diligence screening of your partners (KYC), an export controls classification method for your products and services(military, dual-use, ECCN) and a customized risk analysis and policy with matching controls. This ensures that you manage all facets and have controls where they add value, and that they do not block your business processes when they are not needed.

Export control

With our program, you are compliant with respect to sanctions and export control legislation from the jurisdictions that apply to you. These are usually at least the legislation from the Netherlands, Europe, the United Nations and the United States.

Risk management, audit and training

A compliance policy cannot exist without a customized training program, risk analysis, audits and a CAPA improvement program based on the outcomes. We set this up with you using our toolbox solutions.

Trade Compliance

Trade Compliance

Laws and regulations

Trade compliance means complying with laws and regulations governing international trade. This includes not only sanctions and export control policies, but also compliance with customs regulations and international trade agreements.

Our trade compliance solutions can provide you with the management services of the various domains.


For internationally operating organizations, complying with all relevant laws and regulations related to international trade is challenging and a complex world that is constantly changing. Trade Controls Compliance not only tracks developments, but also looks for the best solution for you.

Classification & Reporting

Trade Controls Compliance helps you import and export goods across borders with classification (HS), customs declarations and reporting.

After analyzing your business, we determine where improvements can be made through the use of international trade agreements and/or customs permits.


As a result, you not only meet the requirements, but also make the most of the opportunities offered. This often leads to relevant savings and a competitive advantage that makes your business stronger and ready for the future.

Supply Chain Security

ly Chainecrty

Complex Supply Chain

Due to globalization, goods are increasingly moving across borders and through increasingly complex networks of suppliers, distributors and other intermediaries. This creates challenges for ensuring the security and integrity of goods throughout the supply chain.

Monitoring and safety

With our Supply Chain Security solutions, we bring you a program that puts you back in control with your supply chain process. We implement measures to protect the flow of goods from theft, fraud and other types of security risks, such as smuggling of people, drugs or sanctioned items.

Security policy

The measures to be taken may include physical, operational and digital security measures.

Your Supply Chain Security policy is essential to protect your goods, but more importantly, your reputation.

Trade Controls Compliance assists you in setting up your policies, supported by a training program and customized assessments for all parties, both internal and external, in your supply chain. Depending on your needs this can be based (in part) on EU-AEO, C-TPAT, TAPA, ISO 28001, this way we use the best standards in the market, but in such a way that it fits your supply chain. We are pleased to offer our supply chain security solutions to keep your supply chain secure and in compliance.



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Your Sanctions & Export Controls Toolbox

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